Mater Dei Sacred Music Ministry

“Music is among the many and great gifts of nature with which God, in Whom is the harmony of the most perfect concord and the most perfect order, has enriched men, whom He has created in His image and likeness. Together with the other liberal arts, music contributes to spiritual joy and the delight of the soul. On this subject Saint Augustine has accurately written: “Music, that is the science or the sense of proper modulation, is likewise given by God’s generosity to mortals having rational souls in order to lead them to higher things.” – Pope Pius XII

Nativity Jubilation Chior
Chris Miller
Phone: 712-540-1738
Email: [email protected]
IC Liturgy & Music
Lori Helland
Phone: 712-276-4821
Email: [email protected]

Diocesan Guidelines on Sacred Music

In September of 2014, the Office of Worship of the Diocese of Sioux City, with the approval of Bishop Nickless, established guidelines for music for the Diocese of Sioux City. These were shared with the musicians at the musicians retreat. If you’re interested in more information or participating in the Mater Dei Sacred Music Ministry please submit the form below.

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